We’ve changed our name!

We’ve changed our name!

In order to serve our tester community better we have changed the name of our tester facing platform.
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Why the change?

Having UsabilityHub be the place where both customers and testers land on was confusing. It meant people often signed up for the wrong kind of account resulting in confusion and frustration.

By splitting them out we aim to provide an improved experience for both customers and testers.

Read about the rebrand.
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Why the name UserCrowd?

We asked you, our community, to help us find a new name. After a lot of iterations, UserCrowd came out as the winner by a close margin.

Check out the results of our final test.
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More than just the name.

We’re working hard to improve your experience across the board. We’re continuing to improve your tester dashboard, adding more people to improve community support and speeding up payout turn-around times.

If you have any comments of questions. Drop us a line any time.